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Examined - TM Awaiting oppositions
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PG /M/1/079526 2021.12.15
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Non-medicated natural and organic preparations for application to or for care of the face, body, skin, scalp, hair and nails; body and facial soaps, cleansers, washes, creams, mists, toners, moisturisers; body butter, cream, deodorants, lotions, masks, milks, oils, powders, scrubs, soaps and sprays; cosmetics and cosmetic preparations; cosmetic creams and lotions for face and body care; cosmetic powders, creams and lotions for the face, hands and body; cosmetic preparations; skin care creams, lotions, balms, gels, moisturisers, soaps and powders; nonmedicated dermatological creams and lotions for the skin; toning lotions for face, body and hands for cosmetic use; cleansing milk for skin care; non-medicated acne creams and lotions for the skin; non- medicated skin creams, toners, serums, gels and balms; nonmedicated skin cleaning preparations namely lotions, creams, foams, masks, and gels; anti-ageing creams and lotions for the skin; anti-ageing skin care preparations; cosmetic creams for firming skin around eyes; wrinkle removing skin care preparations; skin irritation creams and lotions; protective creams for the skin; conditioning creams and lotions for the skin; soothing creams and lotions for the skin; eye creams, gels, and lotions (non-medicated); eye liner, pencils and shadow; eye make-up and make-up removers; face cream, oils, paint, lotions, powders, gels and milk; face packs; cosmetic and cleansing masks for the face; smoothing face masks; non-medicated scrubs for face and body; non-medicated creams for the lips; lip balms and glosses; lip conditioners; aloe vera creams for the skin; tissues impregnated with soaps, moisturisers, toners, cosmetics, cosmetic lotions; body and facial polishes; body and facial scrubs; exfoliants for the skin; exfoliating products namely scrubs for the face and body; micro- exfoliate products for the skin; cleaning preparations for the hands; hand care preparations; hand cream; hand barrier creams; cleaning preparations for the feet; non medicated foot balms and powders; deodorants for the feet; talcum powder; hair care preparations; cosmetic hair care preparations; shampoos and conditioners for use on the hair; hairdressing aids and lotions for styling and colouring; hair balm, balsams, bleach, colour, dyes, creams, colourants, decolourants, emollients, frosts and gel; hair glaze, lacquers, lighteners, lotions, mascara, moisturisers, mousse, nourishers, oil, rinses, relaxers, pomades, spray, tints, tonic and wax; hair waiving and hair setting preparations; perfumes; flower perfume extracts; oils for perfumes and scents; essential oils; non medicated bath oils and salts; incense; aromatic substances for personal use; deodorants; antiperspirants; cosmetic sprays for use on the body; sun-tanning preparations; sunscreen preparations; self-tanning lotions; suntanning oils; detergents non-medicated preparations for the care of the teeth; mouth washes not for medical purposes; cosmetic kits; cotton buds, and cotton used for cosmetic purposes
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(EN) VAI IP LIMITED : PO Box 27, Konedobu, National Capital District
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