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Part A
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Examined - TM Approving acceptance
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PG /M/1/079515 2021.12.17
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JM 083697
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Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; Boats; structural boat parts; boat trailers; boat hulls; propeller shafts for boats; boat rudders,' boat cleats; fitted covers for boats and marine vehicles; storage boxes specially adapted for boats; booms for boats; cam cleats for boats; boat fenders,' fender hooks for boats; davits for boats,' boat chocks; boat-hooks; kayak-like boats; screw-propellers for boats; boat tillers; boat chafe guards; boat bumpers;Land and marine vehicles and parts and fittings therefor; structural parts and powertrain components in the nature of electric motors for land and marine vehicles; marine vehicle bodies; fitted covers for marine vehicles; custom leather interiors for vehicles; upholstery for vehicles; electric land and marine vehicles; electric vehicle parts, namely, motors; windshield wipers; fully battery electric, high performance marine vehicles; vehicle seats; motors for land and marine vehicles; engine mounts for vehicles; insignia for vehicles; vehicle seat cushions; mirrors for vehicles; hooks especially designed for use in vehicles to hold vehicle accessories; vehicle windscreens; anti-theft devices for vehicles; vehicle seat protectors; structural repair parts for land and marine vehicles; land and marine vehicle bodies; windshield wiper blades for vehicles; glass windows for vehicles; burglar alarms for vehicles; seat belts for use in vehicles; aftermarket vehicle accessories, namely vehicle organizer bags, nets and trays specially adapted for fitting in vehicles; safety belts for vehicle seats; electric vehicles, namely cars, trucks, boats; bicycles; motor vehicle power locks; motor vehicle alarm systems; trailers for marine vehicles.
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(EN) VAI IP LIMITED : PO Box 27, Konedobu, National Capital District
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